The Oromia Tourism Commission is an organization answerable to the Office of the President of the Oromia National Regional State and is headquartered in Finfinnee on the 7th Floor of Noah Plaza on Africa Av. Founded to spearhead the promotion of tourism in Oromia, the commission serves as the premier marketing and information center for tourism in Oromia and works with stakeholders in the tourism sector to promote in-bound tourism as well as destinations and host communities across Oromia. Consisting of departments that span research, destination development, marketing, and liaison, the commission is geared towards growing in-bound tourism into Oromia while ensuring host communities are primary partners and beneficiaries of this growth. The commission partners with communities across Oromia to develop destinations and build the capacity of local youth to deliver services creating sustainable jobs in the process. The commission is staffed by an army of passionate young women and men who work day and night to get the word about Oromia and all its beautiful destinations out. These experts and professionals work in areas such as community outreach, tourism destination development and promotion, marketing and social media management, and external and public relations, throwing their significant weight behind the mission of promoting Oromia as the next best destination.


  • Transform Oromia tourism into a vibrant, profitable, and sustainable industry;
  • Market Oromia as a top desirable tourist destination;
  • Develop tourism destinations to fit the needs and requirements of tourists;
  • Support a cooperative relationship between the private sector, the government, and host communities concerning Oromia tourism;
  • Provide data/information on Oromia tourism to the private sector, the government, and other bodies; and
  • Generate resources, and establish and manage tourism funds.

Our Mission

Over the coming five years (2021-2025),

  1. Grow annually tourism income, and export revenues, for the economy tenfold;
  2. Create 500,000 job/employment opportunities for the youth and women; and
  3. Contribute annually to 10-15 destinations host communities’ income, and livelihood improvement twofold.

Strategic Objectives

  • Forge and sustain resourceful multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnership including with other regions;
  • Focus on markets with the highest return on investment;
  • Tourism products and services value innovation with the participation of tourists;
  • Create and lead the industry in brand relevancy and consistency;
  • Create high-yield domestic customers;
  • Enhance tourism’s contribution to peace, and Respond to changing market dynamics.